Welcome to the Mathematical Modelling & Algorithms Laboratory!

This webpage is about the Mathematical Modelling & Algorithms Laboratory (MMALab), University of Tsukuba. This laboratory specializes numerical analysis and mathematical software.

  • Theme: Modeling and Algorithms Using Mathematical Methods

We study methodologies to analyze, generate, and reconstruct various kind of phenomenon in nature and science and information in computers such as media and knowledge by using mathematical methods.

  • Main theme
    • Machine learning, data science 
      • Distributive collaboration data analysis
      • Medical and vital system data analysis, medical diagnosis data analysis
      • Accelerated neural network learning
      • Image analysis (society’s infrastructure, agriculture)
    • Development of highly parallel algorithms for simulations in scientific computing 
      • Large-scale eigenvalue problems, linear systems of equations, graph analysis
      • Development for parallel algorithms toward supercomputers
      • Applications to nanosimulation and structural analysis
      • Tensor network
    • Optimization
      • Evolutionary computation
      • Multiobjective optimization